Dim Sums & Khao Suey Till 4AM? Aye Aye, Captain Chang

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After feeding us hungry nocturnal creatures with pizza, sandwiches and even a burger pizza, Captain Grub has launched a new Asian delivery service, and yes Captain Chang also delivers till 4am.

The Big Chang Theory

Captain Chang starts its day late {much like many of us}, 7pm to be precise, and they continue their deliveries till 4am.

We tried three bags full from them one night {we were feeling very sheepy}. We started with the Seafood Dim Sums and the Prawn Har Gao, which were both very well done. Might want to choose a fork over the chopsticks though, ours kept breaking {they are however, working on this}.

For mains, we’re liking their Sticky Rice with Kung Pao Chicken and Shredded Lamb with crispy noodles. They also highly recommend the Khao Suey but if you’re used to the authentic Burmese one, you may want to give this a miss.

So, We're Saying...

Captain Chang is one of the better night delivery options out there – where else are you going to order a three-course meal from at 3am? And it’s pretty VFM too. They also have cake jars in case you’re looking for something sweet.

Photos: Navni Kumar/LBB