Check Out Everything That Makes These Potatoes Your New Go-To Superfood!

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever wondered what makes superfoods, well, super? It’s their ability to provide essential nutrition even in small quantities, and it’s their potential to add something significant to your everyday diet, in addition to other benefits. Now, what if we told you that potatoes could be your new superfood? Yes, the humble potato could be the new star in your diet, thanks to SV Agri’s Carisma Potatoes! Let’s bust some myths and understand how.

If you’ve been skipping potatoes from your diet due to the perceptions about how they add to your kilos, we’ve got good news for you - that’s actually not true with Carisma Potatoes. Instead, Carisma Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C and Potassium, making them a great, wholesome source of everyday nutrition for people of all ages. In fact, Carisma Potatoes are also creamier in texture than regular potatoes! Thought that’s all? There’s more!

Here are some scientific facts for you to understand how Carisma Potatoes are healthier: they are lower on the Glycemic Index (GI) scale. If you’re reading but not understanding, you’re not alone, so let’s break that down and work like how glucose works! Foods with a lower Glycemic Index release glucose into your blood at a steady and slow pace, ensuring that there is no sudden spike in blood sugar levels. In comparison with some food items in your kitchen, SV Agri’s Carisma Potatoes are lower on the GI scale, apparently making them suitable for diabetics and those on the path to a healthier lifestyle! And no, they do not have any added preservatives or chemical treatments, unlike the so-called ‘Sugar-Free’ potatoes. Instead, Carisma Potatoes are natural and non-GMO (not genetically modified) potatoes grown from traditional seeds originating in the Netherlands and cultivated in India. That’s why Carisma Potatoes have less sweetness as they have a lower or next-to-none level of starch in them.

And now, let’s come to rounding up the story of how the humble potato became the superfood Carisma Potato! Carisma also has about 20-25% lower carbohydrate content and more protein content than your regular potato. Thanks to SV Agri’s Carisma Potatoes, you’ve now got nutrition, taste, and an overall healthier lifestyle, all on your side! Order Carisma Potatoes from BigBasket and OTIPY in Delhi and on BigBasket and Pickily in Bangalore today.