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Casual Dining over Italian Food and a Variety of Dessert at Cafe Parmesan, Faridabad

    Sector 15, Faridabad

    We won’t lie, at first glance, we were like is this the Big Chill of the ‘burbs? And it probably is, but to give them their due, they’re acing their game.

    Tucked away in a market in Sector 15 of Faridabad, you can tell they live off a loyal clientele, rather than a giant marketing campaign. One of its kind in Faridabad, it is a cafe and casual dining space, most popular for its version of Italian food, a fine selection of desserts, shakes, smoothies and thin crust pizza. Bare brick walls, no fuss seating, framed posters on the walls, and a delectable dessert display… think of it as a friendly neighbourhood cafe, like the Pop Tate’s of Faridabad. You can expect a burst of youth, as far as diners are concerned. As for the menu, start your meal with a smoothie, follow it up with one of their creamy, cheesy, comfort style pastas, and end with a dessert from a fine selection of blueberry cheesecake, tiramisu, chocolate torte and strawberry cheesecake. They also have on offer a line of coffees, in case a pit stop is what you’re looking for.

    All in all, a casual, friendly dining space, complete with soft rock music, and the kind of food that makes you feel safe {only because it stays consistent}, this is the kind of joint you make second home.

    PS: We can’t vouch for the authenticity of the Italian food, but we can say, it’s the kind of  pasta that always hits home.

      Sector 15, Faridabad