This New Café In GK- 2 Offers Avo On Toast & An All-Day Breakfast Menu

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What Makes It Awesome

Casually in GK-2 is an all new option for the burger, pasta and pizza lovers in town. Apart from this, they also have a good variety of Buddha bowls, pies and an all-day breakfast menu (avo on toast FTW!).

I've tried the peach iced tea, the All Berry Smoothie, the Hearty Burger, the Massive Chilli Cheese Toast and the baked fusilli at this cafe. The last two were the best of the lot, while the others were okay-ish. For dessert, there was the Waffle Sundae With Ice Cream and Fruits, which I really enjoyed.

They also have Sacher Torte on the menu (I couldn't try it, but I know that it's an Austrian, chocolate cake-type dessert which you won't easily find).

What Could Be Better

In my experience the food was good, but I know I've tasted much better. Casually is more suitable for when you want a chill place to hang out at with your friends over coffee and fast food.

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500