Ten-Second Takeaway

When fashion meets nature, Cellulose Jewellery is born – literally. They offer handcrafted jewellery and home decor items made out of paper.

Handcrafted With Love

A personal hobby and passion that spurned a home business by Bharathi Gondi in 2012, Cellulose is a simple shopping haven. They make everything from accessories like anklets, pendants, and beaded-bracelets to home decor items like door hangings, wind chimes, and hand-painted cutesy lady bug boxes.

All of the jewellery sold under the brand is hand-made and crafted by Bharathi out of magazine paper, which serves as the base. Plus, it’s all coated by a shiny polish to make sure the the jewellery doesn’t get wet.

Apart from that, all the money made from the jewellery and accessories is given away to a charity of choice by Bharathi.

So, We’re Saying…

Looking to contribute to a cause and at the same time own some beautiful collection of jhumkas, neck pieces and anklets? Cellulose Jewellery is for you.

Price: INR 25 upwards

To shop, find them on Facebook here.

Featured photo courtesy: Cellulose Jewellery