Chaayos Opens Its First 24/7 Café, In Gurgaon

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Not all heroes wear capes. Chaayos saves the day, and night, with it’s newly opened 24/7 Chaayos cafe on Golf Course Road.

Chaayos 101

Chaayos has been winning hearts and pockets ever since it opened its doors in Nov 2012, offering more than 25 varieties of teas customisable in over 12,000 ways. If this wasn’t a fact we wouldn’t have seen Chaayos cafes pop up so rapidly and this widespread across Gurgaon and Delhi.

What We Love

We love the fact that we can be the masters of our chai destiny at Chaayos. Some days when we feel basic it’s – Desi Chai, kadak, doodh kum with adrak, elaichi and tulsi, and on other days we may go as far and wild as to including hari mirch and saunf.

The Shai With Your Chai

Let’s face it: Once the clock strikes 12, you’re not left with a world of options to stop that stomach from rumbling. Head here for snack like buns served with keema, egg or bhujia, to their more filling wraps and sandwiches. They even serve a 2 Minute Maggi Sandwich, whoever thought of this… thank you.

So, We’re Saying…

At the 24/7 Chaayos Café, late night drives get even better and odd hour tea {and coffee} needs just get answered.