By Editors

Hands down LBB’s favourite tea spot in the city, Chaayos just spread their wings and tea cups to West Delhi, giving Punjabi Bagh a true chai experience. Born in November of 2012, thanks to the chai culture our city/country and every other fellow Indian has taken to with much passion, their focus is on serving a cup of tea, tailor-made to the exact wants and needs of their customer.

You know how picky we can be with our cuppa; some skip the sugar, some should skip the sugar, and some add two drops of tea to the sugar. So, be it adrak, tulsi, kadak, phikhi, or a paani kam elaichi cinnamon chai, they have it all, including a fun Aam Papad Chai. They also do the courtesy jasmine and camomile teas, for the lactose-free. They have the option of 12 add-ons, and here’s the kicker, since we’re skipping the caffeine, they give you the chance to have your tea in over 12,000 different ways.

Also, their Carrot Cinnamon cupcake… we’d travel anywhere in Delhi to get ourselves a piece of that.

Where: 18, NWA Club Road, Punjabi Bagh

To find yourself a Chaayos cafe closest you, click here. 

Contact: +91 9717477289