Changezi Chicken: 'Cause Butter Chicken Isn't Everything

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A gem situated in the heart of Daryaganj, Changezi Chicken is all about delivering big portions of great tasting food at pocket-friendly prices.

Chow Down

Changezi Chicken {Butter Special}, Afghani Chicken

Sip On

Generic cold drinks, bottled water {We would recommend skipping regular water}

Winning For

This joint’s biggest win is the food. The service is pretty quick too, and the full-sized portions could feed an entire family.

Chairs, Table & Food

There isn’t much of an ambience here to speak of. The simple set-up has limited seating and the occasional burst of music {which is generally the staff’s playlist or whatever plays on the radio}.

The amazing aroma of the food fills up this joint though, and pretty much turns every negative into a positive.

Chicken Lovers Unite

One dish that we would pick over the famous butter chicken is the Changezi Chicken Butter Special; a dish that has stood the test of time and has become a favourite for many. It works best with the khameeri roti; we can finish this within minutes.

The quality and taste of the food haven’t changed one bit and it is not only the eponymous offering that does extremely well here. The Afghani chicken, chicken korma and Kaju Qeema, are equally delicious and must be tried when you visit.

So, We’re Thinking…

Chances are that you’ve already dined at this iconic restaurant, but if you haven’t, now is the time. They are packed during dinner so we’d recommend visiting them early, and maybe you can eat the Zafrani Kheer once you’re done with your meal {a walk is recommended too}.


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