Check Out This App That’s Making Your Shopping Experience A Happier One!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    If we had a rupee for each time we scrambled to find a coupon code, we would have trumped the Gates also! But it’s a true story. Every time we go online to place a Zomato order or even an online order on Amazon/Big Basket, we scour through our phones and our friends/families phones to find a discount code we can use. It’s a painful process and not to mention, a lot of the existing offers may not be relevant to you. If there’s an HDFC offer running, how will you use it being an Axis bank user? Because of this, we just skip this out of pure urgh and end up paying way more than if we had a discount code! Now that all shopping is online, why not get the extra perk of a discount code and rewards personalised specifically for you while you add to cart! Enter Donut, an app that’s giving you personalised rewards and discounts on a whole variety of brands! 

    Donut offers are updated in real-time so none of that ‘offer isn’t valid anymore’ business. They find the hidden offers that your cards and finances hold. They make that visible and display it in a seamlessly, findable way. Easy peasy right? If you feel like ordering food or just general shopping, they have coupon codes for both, and then some! Next time, you want to shop for anything, remember Donut and have a happy shopping experience, and a happier wallet! The best part you ask us, they’re linked to almost 500+ stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Myntra etc. Don’t worry about security cause these people have gone an extra mile to ensure your safety and privacy is protected. 

    To reassure you of the high level of security maintained by Donut, they’re PCI-DSS compliant and they use the same level of security as your banks. If you choose to add cards to hyper personalise your offers, your data is super safe with them!  Convenience just went a step further as Donut is looking to minimise your problems. *wait till we whip out a Coming Soon poster* Say Hello to the Donut card which will be your one stop place that links all your existing cards and presents ready made discounts for you no matter where you shop! This Donut card will be applicable everywhere! We don’t know about you but we’re psyched! 

    Since most of us need and love discounts, download the Donut app and welcome to the world of discounts and rewards! They’re available on iOS and Android

    Pro- Tip:

    Honestly, what more pro tip does an app that offers you personalised discounts need? They’re extremely user friendly and display the best deals, rewards, and coupons out there from 500+ stores! Use the coupons and spend securely! What really took away our heart was that they’re supporting home grown brands and are running exclusive Donut offers for these small businesses! Stay tuned to their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles for more updates! 

    And that’s the tea, folks! Hurry and download the app! In the meantime, stay home and stay safe!