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Have You Checked Out Chumbak’s New Jewellery Collection Yet?

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    We’ve been loving everything Chumbak’s been giving us ever since it expanded into a complete lifestyle brand. They always had cute small knick-knacks like mugs, key chains, and fridge magnets we loved picking up every now and then, but they have so much more now—from furniture pieces like sofas, stools, and breakfast tables, to even clothing and footwear.

    And while we were getting used to that, they’re here to bowl us over with their new jewellery collection.

    We’re loving the minimal style of this line. The finish of the pieces is clean and the line is inspired by geometry. And owls of course {they’ve always had a special affinity towards this bird, haven’t they?}. We’d get the Colour Burst Choker, the Triangular Triumph Earrings, and the Pretty Pyramid Necklace in a heartbeat.

    Primarily because they’re super easy to carry on a daily basis. But also because they’re super affordable. Which one will you be getting first?

    Where: For a complete list of stores, click here.

    Price: Starting at INR 195

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      Available Online