Vada Pavs & Mucchis: Cheeky Chunk's Umbrellas Are Conversation Starters

Great For

What Makes It Awesome

On a recent search on the internet, we unearthed Cheeky Chunk, a brand which is putting cutesy doodles and graphics on umbrellas. It is monsoon and we’re constantly on the lookout for yummy pakoras and pretty umbrellas to counter the inevitable dreariness. 

Cheeky Chunk, as the name pretty much screams out, is a cheeky take on life, situations and things we love. You’ll come across umbrellas with hashtags strewn all across, moustache prints, mini rainbows, and lots and lots of doodles.

Apart from the Mumbai-inspired vada pav umbrella and the black and white panelled mustache print umbrella, we have a soft corner for the adorable Ramu Kaka Ki Chai umbrella and the quirky B For Baarish umbrella. And well, we love that they’re mostly priced under INR 900. Weee!

What Could Be Better

While they have umbrellas starting at INR 495, they could go upto INR 990 as well, which we feel is a little expensive.