Ten-Second Takeaway

Chole kulcha can be found in almost every corner of the city, but what makes Kanshi Ram Chhole Kulche different, is their special and awesome, butter garlic twist to it.

Started From The Bottom

It was a few years ago that I chanced upon this small cart selling chole kulche and decided to indulge in a low budget meal {it was the end of the month}. It might not be the most appealing place for a quick meal in the city, and is definitely not meant for the calorie conscious, but the chole kulche they serve is unequalled.

The place doesn’t just serve locals; patrons come here from as far as Faridabad and Gurgaon, and can be seen munching on the delicious chole in their fancy cars.

So Much Butter!

080816_Kashiram3 OMG, Have You Eaten The Butter Garlic Chole Kulche At Kanshi Ram?The preparation of the meal itself is a delight to watch. The kulchas are coated with butter and are heated on the pan till they’re crisp—what follows is a generous coating of garlic chutney and a topping of grated cottage cheese and coriander.

The chole too, aren’t just mixed with spices, but heated quickly on the huge tawa before being topped with onions and some homemade pickle {mostly carrot and chilli}. To balance out the spicy flavour of the meal, they also offer a special boondi raita which is served in a plastic glass.

Ever since the joint has garnered love and all the attention, many chole vendors in the area have tried to serve their meals in the same manner, yet fail to match up.

So, We’re Thinking…

If you’re not convinced enough, you should know that all of this comes at super-cheap prices, and you will always be served with a smile. Make sure you visit this place before peak lunch hours, as they mostly run out by 4pm.

Photos: Sarang Gupta/LBB


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