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    A working woman can never go wrong with a classic leather tote; enough room for her phone, charger, lip balm, and many other essentials. Chiaroscuro has surprised us with their superb bags for women, and exceptional work ethic. Maintaining a connection between the customer and the artisan through workshop-made bags (meaning crafted top to bottom by one person), these bags make no room for assembly-line, mass-production techniques. And we are loving it.

    With 30 years of experience in the leather industry, Smriti Sain and team makes bags that are one-of-a-kind (in delicious colours like slate, pine, pumpkin and lotus too!). The bags are compact and functional, with tiny compartments that keep your thingamajigs safe. They are so unique that each of them has a name – Stella, Emma, Ellie, Stefanie, Gabriella, Caro, Anabelle, and Gigi (in sizes Mini, Little and Big). Every Monday, they update their collection on their website, and what a collection it is. You will absolutely love the finish and textures of leather; they keep to the natural grain and avoid over-processing.

    Moreover, Chiaroscuro’s bags can be sent back to their workshop to be repaired, in case of any damage. These bags are an ode to the concept of Made-In-India; not to mention, they’re excellent quality and stand for a superior level of craftsmanship. They are affordable and natural, and given the many many positives we’ve listed, you need to order one today!

      Available Online