The Korma At Chicken Plaza Will Have You Braving Dilli 6 Crowds Often

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Another one of those classic Mughlai dishes which no one else can follow, the chicken korma at Chicken Plaza in Jama Masjid is to die for.

What's On Our Plates?

The korma will make you feel giddy, for you haven’t really tasted a concoction that has meat this well cooked, served with this rich a gravy. It’s everything at once: It’s spicy. It’s sweet. It’s sour. It’s hot.
It’s all you want from a plate of korma.

The nihari is probably what you’ll order next. It is a dish that makes every meat lover feel like he’s come home, after being lost for a million years. Nihari is said to have originated in these streets of Old Delhi centuries ago, and you can feel it. It’s cooked over hours and hours on a slow flame; the red curries and the taste of the red meats used will tell you that you’re tasting a few hundred years of spice sorcery.

A Stew Of My Favourite Things

Take a break from the red and order the stew, which is a white curry with meat in it. Where the nihari and korma will assault your tastebuds, the stew will, very subtly, play around. And before you start digging in, don’t forget to order the khameeri roti, which can even be a meal in itself.

So, We're Saying...

The next time you have a little time on hand and the weather is tolerable, head to Chicken Plaza and treat yourself.