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Childhood Chic with Runaway Bicycle's Clothing Line


    When you’re a child, you’re in a hurry to become older and ‘do grown-up’ things. If only someone would have given you and me an insight into adulthood at that age. We’re sure every popsicle, every bike ride and every carefree afternoon spent playing a game of cops and robbers would be cherished more. That sentiment is mirrored by Mumbai-based brand, Runaway Bicycle.

    They recognize that time slips through everyone’s fingers, but the spirit of a particular time can be kept alive, and that’s what they’ve done with their beautiful collection of clothes. They just released a brand new collection titled ‘Rosie is my Best Friend’ featuring organic cotton, khadi, linen, and wool garments; all pure handloom.

    We don’t think anything we say will do them justice; you’ll just have to see for yourself. But we can try! Expect breathable materials and garments, with free-flowing silhouettes. All the pieces have subtle details that add to their beauty, with clever names to go with. We’re loving a particular box shirt in organic cotton with a slit at the back {from the bottom to midway} and it’s called ‘wind on my back shirt’.

    They work very closely with their weavers and are involved in every aspect of the process. There’s a personal touch that they’re adamant on maintaining, so each piece has a tale to tell. Think of the days when all you want to do is run freely without letting anything, least of all your garment of choice get in the way. That, right there, is the essence of Runaway Bicycle.

    Price: Starting at INR 2000

    Contact: +91 9819555052; email them at

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