Gorge On Ham Appam, Chocolate Dosa & Iced Filter Kaapi At Thalaivar

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Hauz Khas has consistently been treating us to a lot of good food and Thalaivar in the main market is no exception. They dole out the usual South Indian along with some surprises like apple cinnamon dosa, fried murukku with ice cream and meaty uthappams.

Ever Eaten A Chocolate Dosa?

When you think South Indian, you generally visualise hot and crispy dosas filled with spiced aloo, uthappams brimming with onions and tomatoes and lots of coconut chutney. Thalaivar is all this and more.

They’ve gone ahead and introduced meat to the menu. Think ham and egg appams, keema-stuffed dosas and a fascinating pizza look-alike Chicken La Piazza uthappam. This one’s topped with cheese, chicken and masala. Another interesting dish is the Chicken Keema Vada. We’re not making this up guys, you gotta try it to believe it.

For dessert, there’s more than just payasam. Try the fried murukku topped with vanilla ice cream and honey, an apple cinnamon dosa or a chocolate one. Oh, and don’t forget to wash it all down with their ice cream-blended iced filter coffee. We know you’re already drooling.

So, We're Saying...

Head to Thalaivar for lunch someday to experience South Indian in a way you probably haven’t before. Be prepared to wait a little for your food though; as their menu rightly states, good food takes times. And theirs is prepared pretty much in front of your eyes, in a large open kitchen.