Chocolate Golgappa Or Butter Chicken Momos: This Eatery's Doing Fusion Food Right



    Social Foodie Inside, an eatery in West Delhi’s Vikaspuri area is shaking things up with a whole new take on classic dishes and boy, are they getting them right! They’ve got items like Pizza Golgappa, Butter Chicken Nachos, Fries, Butter Chicken Momos on their menu and they’re giving us all the reasons to be proud of West Delhi.

    So Good? Sooo Good

    Social Foodie Inside located near Durgiana Mandir {opposite More Supermarket}, is a cubby eatery with a few tables outside and a few chairs inside. To be honest, we didn’t go there expecting a lot but appearances can be deceiving and we couldn’t be happier to be proved wrong.

    Coming straight to the point, we ordered their Butter Chicken Momo, Chocolate Golgappa and Kurkure Momo {yes, we were two very hungry people} and let’s just say, no food has made us this happy in a while.

    The Butter Chicken Momo {INR 100} does justice to two of our all-time favourite dishes with its thick, creamy butter chicken gravy, loaded with chicken chunks and six perfectly juicy momo. The Chocolate Golgappa which we were most excited about is the ultimate indulgence for the Instagram age with massive golgappas drenched in chocolate, filled with ice cream and nuts, and served with chocolate milk and brownie chunks in shot glasses. We weren’t prepared to be this full & hence, got the Kurkure Momo packed, however, you could give this a miss {it’s good but nothing extraordinary}.

    An advice you could follow maybe: go here empty stomach.

    So, We're Saying..

    If you’re someone who expects a nice ambience and seating area, Social Foodie Inside might disappoint you, but if it’s good food that you’re looking for, this place will definitely impress you. We’re coming back to try their Double Decker Waffle and Forever Ferrero Shake but if you don’t live around the area, we recommend that you get food delivered. This eatery delivers across West Delhi but be sure to call up and check once.