Ten-Second Takeaway

Right at the beginning of GK2’s M Block market, San Churro is perfect for when you’re down in the dumps and need a great pick-me-up, or you know—if you really, really love chocolate.

Chow Down

Chocolate Churros

Sip On

Dark Chocolate Couverture

Winning For

Having all the chocolate, ever

Your Golden Ticket

Image courtesy: San Churro

Image courtesy: San Churro

This place is as close to Willy Wonka’s factory as you’re going to get. {No little Oompa Loompas running around, though unfortunately}. Winter or summer, we always go straight for the Dark Chocolate Couverture. This is as decadent as it gets; there’s more and more chocolate with every sip you take.

But hey, it’s chocolate, so you don’t need to limit yourself. We suggest you take a good five to seven minutes to peruse their menu—let your eyes linger longingly over everything before making an informed decision. Chocolate is no laughing matter, you know.

Hot Shot

They also have great hot chocolates, perfect for a cold winter day or evening. In summers though, opt for the Azteca Cold Chocolate—chilli, cinnamon, ice cream—it doesn’t get much better. They actually have a huge range of chocolate-based drinks, coffees {both hot and cold}, sundaes and even kid-specials {kiddie churros aww}, and in a huge range of flavours, too, so you know you’re going to be coming back here again and again.

We’d recommend having a great meal at Culinaire, and then walking down to San Churro to indulge—you’ll feel like you’ve earned it.

Where: 1, M Block Market, GK 2

Nearest Metro Station: Nehru Place

Timings: 10am – 12am

Price: INR 1,200 for two {approx.}

Contact: 011 46597619

Find them on Facebook here.

Featured image courtesy: San Churro