Choctails, Chocizzas Or Melting Marshmallow Pancakes: Have Chocolate For Every Meal

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We all know a chocolate fiend. The Chocolate Room in Malviya Nagar is that person’s dream. You’re treated to one soon as you enter and then, there’s a menu where everything from coffee, waffles, pancakes and pizzas to choctails is loaded, sinful and sweet. Can’t do so much sugar? Their menu’s big on savoury too. 

Chocolate Factory Dreams Come True

This warm cafe in Shivalik is an instant pick-me-up when you’ve had a hard day or PMS is getting the better of you. In fact, now that we’ve found it, it’ll see us a lot more on winter mornings, trying out their hot chocolates one visit at a time {but first, maybe that Baileys shot}.

We tried the chocolate pizza that looked like a two-year-old’s birthday party on a plate – piled with chocolate from its base to its toppings. The melting marshmallows pancake that we sampled was a star in its own right; a soft, mushy stack of three slathered with just enough chocolate and marshmallow bits to keep it exciting but not sickeningly sweet. To wash down the sugar, we got a cottage cheese panini which was fresh and wholesome. In short, we had a sweet morning.

Sweet Discoveries Lie Ahead

There’s a chocolate sizzler, chocolate fondue to dip into and tall, crazy sundaes. We really wish we could just enlist everything that we’re dreaming about from the menu but it’d take a few long evenings at the very least.

Go here for puddings and waffles or ignore the sweet angle and treat this as just another well-meaning cafe that lovingly serves pizzas and pastas… and gorgeous coffee. Either way, your stomach will do a happy dance.

PS: Their staff is the sweetest.


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