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Choose Farm Table For A Mindful Meal Experience That’s Both Healthy & Delicious!

    Sector 54, Gurgaon

    How often do you have your phone with you when you’re eating? Not just to take pictures but to check messages, take calls? I’m assuming the answer is – most of the time! I’m no different in that respect, in fact I don’t even realize it because now it feels like a natural extension of my arm. Unless I’m eating something entirely new to me or eating when I am voraciously hungry, I have even made the mistake of reading while eating, watching something on TV and not actually focusing on the delicious, nourishing meal in front of me. After my meal from Farm Table, all this came back to me because they had a card accompanying the meal which asked me if I was being mindful, if I was completely absorbed in my meal experience, if I was conscious of the beauty and the deliciousness of what had been lovingly prepared for me? My guilt-ridden answer was – not always!

    Nestled between the beautiful community of Orchid Garden on Golf Course Road, Farm Table is a Mindful & Wholesome Delivery kitchen. Building on the concept of conscious eating, the brand endeavours to build a transparent ecosystem, right from procurement to a from-scratch to table preparation style. They actually encourage consumers to chant a non-vocal thought throughout their meal time allowing their mind to be less distracted while eating food. Arjun Toor, Co-founder at Farm Table comes with a rich experience in the F&B industry, having been a part of it for over a decade. It was his keen interest in mindfulness & meditation that led him to realize that the art of eating has lost its charm in this growing social media & information age. Keeping that in mind, the branding of Farm Table is around subtle reminders of Mindful Eating over subconscious consumption.

    The best part is that, all these factors actually added to my culinary experience with the brand, I could almost taste the thoughtfulness in every bite. Needless to say, the dishes I ordered were extremely fresh, prepared with healthier ingredients wherever possible with no compromise on flavour and that is a rare thing. I was in half a mind to start with their Vegetable Detox Soup, an immunity booster with kale, mushrooms and gluten free pasta but I choose the Khao Suey instead for something more robust and it was excellent, rich broth, lightly spiced, aromatic and loaded with soba noodles. Followed that up with a fresh, crunchy salad, the BBQ Chicken Salad with roasted chicken tikka which added that extra kick of the marinade to an otherwise light salad, though you good build your own salad, which I shall do for my next order. I skipped the Thai Curry and Risotto like mains and opted for the Home Style Chicken Curry with Cumin Brown Rice which turned out to be the ultimate comfort food, straight from a home kitchen but better and the brown rice had a light yet nutty flavour which complemented the curry completely. That’s the good thing about menus that do global cuisine, there’s something for everyone because the family loved the Classic Chicken Mini Whole Wheat Pizza which was topped with hummus, herb roasted chicken, eggplant and caramelized onions, that also made us happy because we had an extra jar of Hummus on the side and it was perfect! You can make your own meal in a bowl, with a choice of protein and carb and they also have a host of sides to complete the meal. Given this stellar spread, my only wish for them is to add desserts to the menu, since they do such a good job of mindful food, I’m certain they’ll do justice to healthy desserts too!
      Sector 54, Gurgaon