Here's Why Starbucks Is My Favourite Cafe {And It Should Be Yours Too!}

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What Makes It Awesome

Starbucks needs absolutely no introduction, whatsoever! Since it's inaugural launch in the capital's hub - Connaught Place, it has opened numerous stores across NCR. For the coffee enthusiast, this very well may be the Mecca of coffee! The chain has a variety of other delectable drinks alongside a number of good choices in eatables.

The number of outlets that they have, all maintain their own layout and uniqueness. You can have your comfort zone and soak in the aroma of coffee while you're at Starbucks. There is also a decent variety of non-caffeine drinks to pamper you - the Alphonso frappucino, for example, is awesome. So is the Java Chip frapuccino!

Plus, one can also try out the sandwiches and wraps that they have to offer. Also, don't neglect the yummy blueberry cheese cake and the red velvet cake, while you're there.

What Could Be Better?

All the stores, however, do not have the same service standards. The store in Leisure Valley needs to pep up its professionalism. Often they don't get your drink correct. The tables aren't also cleaned regularly. Often you can see the staff chatting instead of attending the customers. Also, they don't offer decaf!

What's My Pro Tip?

Some of the stores have great 'me' space. The outlet in DLF Promenade has cushy corners where you can enjoy your moments of solace. They have a large table where you can choose to spread out your work. Even the one in Ambience Mall in Gurgaon is quite spread out. While, the store in Vatika Business Park has cozy high-back chairs where you can perch up.

For the black coffee enthusiast, the latest featured beverage Kenya cold bru is just awesome. You can choose to bring the Starbucks experience at home when you pick up their Via collection. Italian roast is for robust coffee drinkers whereas Columbia is slightly mild.

One can find the complete list of stores on { }. Elsewhere, a Starbucks app is also available for iOS and Android devices.

Anything Else?

Remember to enroll for their Starbucks card. It has great benefits and freebies. There are free size upgrades, free customisation and offers on featured beverages. You can also get a free beverage on your birthday month!

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