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Make That Perfect Salad With Fresh Basil & Oyster Mushrooms From This E-Store

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Spicy Summer Mix, 200g

Spicy Summer Mix, 200g

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What Makes It Awesome

Are you someone like me who is fond of salads? A salad with some fresh, leafy veggies that you could dress up with your favourite vinaigrette - sounds appetising right? Well, I recently came across this online platform called ChopChop that delivers fresh (really fresh, I mean it) leafy veggies and mushrooms to your doorstep in Delhi and Gurgaon. Do not believe me? You will!

During this time, my craving for fresh salad was uncontrollable. I was somehow getting along with a few leafy veggies such as lettuce, mint that I found at a nearby grocery store. But then, a friend recommended ChopChop. I went through their website and decided to place an order for Spicy Summer Mix (it consists of leafy lettuce, oak-leaf lettuce, arugula, American kale, Italian basil, parsley, red, and yellow cherry tomatoes), Oyster Mushrooms, and Milky Mushrooms.

While it just took a day to get my order delivered, I was more than excited to try everything and the company claims that they have the tastiest and most nutritious veggies without lab testing and trust me, they are not wrong. The greens were all fresh - from arugula to lettuce, and to basil - loved them all. Oh, and mushrooms - DIVINE! I have had Oyster mushrooms from different places but these ones were not just tasty but also fresh (not to mention, but super pretty). Oh, and I kept the basil stored in my refrigerator for three-four days (greedy me) and it tasted just as fresh as it was on day one.

Will I order again? Of course, yes!

Price: The Spicy Summer Mix is priced at INR 249, Oyster Mushrooms at INR 199 (at 200g and 250g respectively, the quantity's superb as well).


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