Guilt-Free Sandwiches To Fried Oreos: CJ's Fresh Has A Good Mix Of Both Healthy & Indulgent


    Want to stick to healthy meals that are fresh without compromising on the taste? Order from CJ’s Fresh for a protein-packed lunch or dinner. Just FYI, they also deliver post 12am!

    Eat Fresh, Stay Healthy

    If you’re feeling especially ravenous in office and want to satiate those hunger pangs without the guilt, CJ’s Fresh will deliver delicious, protein packed food to your door. We weren’t too impressed with The Knockout sandwich, it was a little dry but we were more than happy with The Mushroom Magic pasta, which was a clear winner for us {even the carnivores in office}. The combination of flavours was excellent and the pasta was fresh and light.

    The Don’t Chicken Out Burger was another favourite with a generous patty and jalapeños and caramelised onions. We moved on to the pulled pork burger next. This one means business and is loaded with meaty goodness. We wrapped up our meal with their humble chocolate brownie, simple but delicious. Truth be told though, we still prefer their Nutella fried Oreos for dessert {you can treat yourself with these for being healthy}.

    So, We're Saying...

    Order from CJ’s Fresh for food that tastes great and leaves you feeling full and satisfied. They have plenty of healthy food options on their menu you should try for a snack or a meal.