Pro Mode On: Get Clicking At The Indian Institute Of Photography

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Beginner and Foundation level classes, short-term courses, online as well as Sunday classes; you can try them all at the Indian Institute of Photography.

What Makes It Awesome

Aspiring photographers, this institute will brush up your skills and help you go pro. They'll teach you everything you need to know about light, framing, composition, cameras and more. 

Aside from their full-time, UGC recognised diploma courses, we are particularly interested in their short-term courses and workshops. We hear they impart excellent modern insights into the art of capturing your surroundings, and for all you Instagram buffs, they have a specially-designed online course on mobile photography.

From what we've noticed, the fees isn't exorbitant either (especially in the case of online courses). 

What Could Be Better

They have two separate websites, one which has details on the online courses and the other a more extensive one on all the regular offline ones, which we feel is a tad cumbersome.

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