Ten-Second Takeaway

Sunday photography classes, online courses, and workshops on photography — you can try these at Indian Institute of Photography, Noida. They also do activities with school kids.

Image-ine The Future

Photo source: Pixabay

Photo source: Pixabay

Take a leap into your future as a photographer with Noida’s Indian Institute of Photography. Aside from their full-time, UGC recognised diploma courses, we are particularly interested in their short term courses and workshops. We hear they impart excellent modern insights into the art of capturing your surroundings, and for all you Instagram buffs, they have a specially-designed online course on mobile photography.

A Short Walk

With classes every Sunday, you can enrol in their photography course spanning two months {in batches of 10-15}. Over a total of eight classes, you will learn how to hold, manoeuvre, and use your DLSR in the best possible way {in the first three classes}.

The next three classes will have you learning more advanced techniques and putting them to use practically. We also hear that there is one class assigned to Photoshop and other softwares.

The last class will have you learning about shooting in studio lighting.

Corporate And School

IIP ties up with various photography clubs and schools to impart their experience and wisdom to amateurs and school kids. We love their weekend workshops and online courses, but the mentored photo-walk, spanning a full year, takes the cake. This will have you learning everything from fashion photography and draping, to tea-talk sessions with seasoned photographers. All at a fee of INR 6,999. The only requirement is an advance fee of INR 3,000 while enrolling.

Featured photo source: IIP – Your School of Photography