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Cold, Colourful & Classic: Kulfi Joints In Delhi To Bookmark

    We are dessert people (are there even people who aren’t?) and which dessert could be better to splurge on than the classic kulfi? Here, we have our (and your) favourite joints in town that have delicious desi desserts. Read on.

    Kuremal Mohal Lal Kulfi Wale

    With a recipe that’s been around for 114 years, the kulfi here is famous throughout the city, and we don’t question why. The flavours are absolutely legen-wait-for-it-dary, with Falsa, Whole Apples, Litchi, Jamun and Pomegranate. But what we love is the creamy Stuffed Mango which has kulfi inside a whole mango. We also recommend you try the Paan Kulfi because of its exquisite pistachio-balanced flavour. You can also carry packs of ten back home in an ice box (all arranged by the store).

    Price: INR 50 for a stick kulfi, INR 250 for the Stuffed Mango



    Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

    A South Delhi favourite, Kulfiano is worth that late night drive you often contemplate. With a list of a whopping 20 flavours, all your kulfi dreams begin and end at this joint. You can also find 11 other outlets in the city, each serving different portions of unusual flavours. We love their Anjeer, Imli, Falsa, and Chiku. You should definitely try out their authentic Rajasthani Matka Kulfi.

    Price: INR 60 onwards

    Chaudhary Sweets Corner

    We insist that you try the Oreo flavoured kulfi once you’re here. They have a wide range of options (the fruit ones being the healthier version, of course). They also have Caramel and Rose flavours that have drawn us in time and time again. If you’re not a kulfi fan, try their flavoured milk! And if you want to try something (more) desi, then Gulkand and Kesar Badam Kaju Pista sound about right.

    Price: INR 10 onwards

    Kings Kulfi

    Kings Kulfi

    DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

    This is a well known franchise across town, but we would strongly recommend the Cyber Hub joint. They do an amazing Black Grape Sorbet but it’s seasonal. We also like the Kiwi Apple and Custard Apple. If you want, you could also try something toned-down –  the Sugar Free Fig? If you find stick kulfis too messy, they have kulfis in pots just for you.

    Price: INR 50 onwards


    Baluchi - The Lalit

    Connaught Place, Delhi

    The pretty paan-flavoured kulfi has us seeing green (quite literally). Our resident kulfi specialist recommends it as a delectable dessert after the big kebab meal at Baluchi. We love the betel nut flavour combined with sweetened rose petals in this desi dessert. They also have a Kesari Kulfi for those who want to stick to convention.

    Price: INR 675

    Ravi Raj Di Kulfi

    This one’s a complete surprise with its Sugar-Free Kulfi Sticks. Ravi Raj is also the go-to spot for some Kaju Pista and Rabri Kulfi. In case you want something else from their menu, we would recommend their Gajar Ka Halwa. Tip: Go on a Monday, when the market is closed and the area is relatively less crowded.

    Price: INR 30 onwards

    Siyaram Nannumal Kulfiwale

    These guys have been in the business for over 80 years and we can see why. While they always have the classics available like Kesar and Fruit Cream, for their more unique flavours, you'll have to place an order in advance. We really loved their Pomegranate kulfi which you should try for sure!

    Price: INR 30 onwards

    SK Faluda

    SK Faluda

    Sector 12, Gurgaon

    SK Faluda has been serving up their delish kulfis for over 20 years now in Gurgaon and we can see why! When you find yourself in Gurgaon majorly craving kulfi, this is where you need to head! Try out their Kulfi Falooda with Rabri on top and you're set. We mean it.

    Price: INR 80 onwards