50 Shades Of Clay At These Little Shops In West Delhi

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Right opposite Fun Cinemas in Moti Nagar is a tiny cluster of shops full of clay wares . You’ll find everything from matkas to planters to brightly-painted showpieces at throwaway prices here.

Look Pot We Have Here

We found such great craftsmanship here. From miniature matkas to pots for your plants all stacked up in one great heap, it’s a joy to just browse through each piece. And if you’re in spring cleaning and home shopping mode, you’re at the right place.

Apart from the basics, they’ve also got clay wind chimes, masks and bells all ready for a new home. A special shout out to the painted showpieces and little drawer stands for your jewellery and trinkets. They’re bound to brighten up your space.

We’re pretty sure you can stumble upon a suitable house-warming gift here. Without having to dig too deep inside your pockets.

So, We're Saying...

With gamlas coming for as low as INR 20, this is the market for you when you’re looking to buy things in bulk. It reminds us a lot of Hauz Rani.


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