Everything Is INR 299 At This Kamla Nagar Apparel Store!

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2 Funky is a hidden, basement store in Kamla Nagar market that's got t-shirts, dresses and a ton of other clothes for women. Best part? Everything's priced at a flat rate of INR 299!

Great For

Affordable cotton dresses, casual tees, sweaters, scarves, and back-to-college shopping. 

What Makes It Awesome

While it's not easy to locate 2 Funky (the stairs to which, are cramped between a United Colours of Benetton outlet and the Sachdeva Beauty Collection), we followed a group of college girls and landed up in a broke shopper's paradise. 2 Funky is a simple store with decent lighting and air conditioning, hangers full of clothes and, thankfully, three trial rooms—so won't loathe your buys once you get back home (yep, not a Sarojini situation).

Coming to their collection, this store stocks everything from badass denim shorts and printed shirts to summery, cotton dresses, pants and graphic tees. You'll also spot a bunch of Bangkok imports but considering Delhi's heat, we suggest you skip the synthetic stuff and stick to good ol' cottons. Their winter collection has everything from form-fitting to anti fit sweaters and button-downs, also priced at INR 299, for both men and women. Their sweaters are warm and cozy, none of that airy, acrylic stuff. Their collection of scarves is beautiful, all priced at INR 199.

We also love that 2 Funky's got a decent collection of dresses in pastel purples, pinks (pictured) and light blues that you can wear to both a boardroom and a bar. For holidays or back-to-college shopping, this store would be a good bet. And, since nothing at 2 Funky will significantly rattle your bank balance, shop away! 

What Could Be Better

You might have some trouble finding clothes for yourself if you're size XS. 


Parking in Kamla Nagar market might be a hassle. It's best that you take the metro.