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Want To Cook Simple & Healthy Like Mum? Relive The Memory Lane With These Coco Soul Virgin Coconut Oils!

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    Missing the flavours of your Mama’s home-prepared tasty yet healthy food? We know how you plead her to prepare your favourite dish every now and then. While we’re sure that you would have already dug deep into her recipe treasures, here’s how you can make ‘em simply clean and nutritious while still retaining the flavours of those fresh ingredients.

    Make Them With Love And Fresh Ingredients

    Don’t y’all agree how certain flavours trigger those happy memories? We’re thinking about the fresh aroma and taste of those freshly picked tomatoes or recently grounded masalas for those spicy curries that add a special zing. Or even the daily stirred and hand-squeezed summery fresh juices all through our childhood. Oh, how pampered we felt all those days compared to the quick ready-to-eats we indulge nowadays!

    While the sacred home gardens and freshly plucked ingredients may seem like a distant dream now, make your dishes all healthy and lively using pure, natural products made with natural and pure ingredients. We’re totally digging Coco Soul’s Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oils that not only have light, natural aroma and flavour, but also come with amazing health benefits. Coconut afterall is a superfood we swear by! Whether it’s Avial or Bisi Bele Bath or even something that’s as simple as Appam, base your preps on this one and you’ll be in for a delight.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Like they say, happy gut, happy life. Start here and make a list of childhood dishes you would like to reinvent. Ready to make that small effort, go back to the roots, and cook simple and pure like your mother used to? We certainly are.

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