This Brand Brings Imported Chocolate & Coffee Goodness Home

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What Makes It Awesome

For years now, we have relied on friends coming from abroad and one-off shops in Ghaffar for our fill of imported chocolates. Those orange duty-free bags are bundles of joy, quite literally. While we would like that tradition to continue (please don't stop, dear friends), we now have another option for year-round supply - Cococart! 

This online store has come into our lives at the right time (read: 2020) to get us out of misery and into the big, beautiful world of chocolates. Godiva, Toblerone, Lindt, Hershey's, Maltesers - just name your wish and you'll have the chocolate delivered in pristine condition to your doorstep. Oh, how many days and nights we have spent dreaming about the creaminess of that Milka Broken Hazelnut Milk Bar (INR 225), the richness of that perfectly balanced Godiva Dark Seasalt bar (INR 495), the crunch of those Kit Kat Chunky bars (INR 345 for 3), and the gourmet flavours of that Lindt Intense Orange bar (INR 250). Not to forget the joy of eating Toblerone one peak at a time. Everything is now possible *happy tears*.

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado, a chocolate lover, or a propagator of veganism & sustainability, Cococart has it all for you with their exclusive new launches that are available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, and Chennai. There's no mark-up on the prices, too and the variety is just HUGE.

You'll find Dimello Coffee, basically biodegradable coffee capsules; premium gift boxes and handcrafted chocolate bars from Valrhona; Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus; Godiva coffee and even luxury drinking chocolate Coco Chocolatier. Perfect gift and indulgence for any day of the year? Yep, you got it.