The Coffee Bond Delights With Their Excellent Coffee, And Even Better Food

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What Makes It Awesome

I was the biggest fan of Blue Tokai's outlets, till The Coffee Bond fell on my radar. I'd go to their Uday Park branch infrequently; their outlet at GK-1 M-Block market is 5x the size, super spacious, really well done up, and most importantly, retains the two things that make The Coffee Bond awesome-excellent coffee and even better food.

They source their coffee from a couple of local and international roasters - including Blue Tokai coffee, Quick Brown Fox and a few others. I especially like the coffee they source from Australia- whatever blend they're using is super smooth, and not acidic at all. Great beans are half the battle won - a good cuppa coffee, in my opinion, boils down to how it's made. And The Coffee Bond's baristas are really well trained.

Coming to their food, I've tried a grilled veggies sandwich, the pumpkin soup, and the protein salad so far, and they've all been light and really well made. No extra oil, no complicated ingredients, The Coffee Bond delivers on food that's healthy, wholesome and just fresh {don't find too many places that get these 3 right!}

They also have free WiFi - so you can plug in, work, sip on coffee or one of their bomb smoothies, and dig into their food.

I hope they keep their products consistently good!

What's My Pro Tip?

They also have fun workshops from time to time. They had this seemingly cool chocolate making workshop over a weekend. They also have almond milk, soya milk and the likes. So for people with lactose intolerance, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.