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Coffee Bond Launches A Full Food Menu & We Love The Pumpkin Pizza

    Uday Park, Delhi


    The Coffee Bond is a quiet little cafe tucked away in Uday Park’s residential area. They source their coffee beans from all across the country and more recently, have launched a full fledged all-vegetarian food menu chock-full of hummus, organic veggies and nuts.

    Chow Down

    Pumpkin Pizza

    Sip On

    Chilli Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

    Winning For

    Their organic store, right next to the cafe where they house healthy and oraganic munchies and ingredients. This is where you get your hands on those chia seeds and quinoa.

    Chilli Evenings

    Although the main attraction at The Coffee Bond is hands down the coffee {they keep experimenting with their beans but they always go through a strict sourcing process and ensure you get a quality cuppa}, we were more wowed by their signature hot chocolates which are made from Mason & Co chocolate bars.

    Available in a bunch of flavours, we personally loved the spunky Chilli Cinnamon and the mild Coconut. We hear their Bittersweet variant is the best and the most intense, but also on the heavier side, so we’re saving it for winter.

    Cheesy Vegetarian Bites

    The Coffee Bond has been doing only breakfast so far and has got their mueslis and cereals all panned out. They’ve only recently decided to expand their menu to cater to bigger appetites throughout the day, offering a mix of small and big plates such as sandwiches, salads, tortillas and pizza.

    We’d highly recommend the Pumpkin Pizza which comprises a thin crust topped with pesto, goat cheese, roasted pumpkin bits and a very generous sprinkle of pine nuts.

    They also do strawberry and cream waffles and  dukkah with fried eggs.

    So, We're Saying...

    The Coffee Bond is a great place to take your vegetarian friends too as they do more than just paneer paneer paneer. We’re pretty happy working from here sitting outside with a strong cuppa to keep us company.

      Uday Park, Delhi