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Coffee-in-Capsule - Kick-start Your Day with Italian Coffee from Coffeeza

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    The only addiction we are interested in is that of COFFEE. The aroma of which makes you yearn for a cup. If you are someone who shares the same love, then we have the best coffee for you and that too in the form of capsules. No one ever says no to a quick spree to a cafe for some amazing coffee. But what do you do when you have untimely caffeine cravings for barista-style coffee (like espresso or cappuccino) at home?

    Well, fret no more as we have got you covered. Head to Coffeeza and give your coffee cravings a rest. They deliver the best coffee capsules all over India without any extra shipping cost. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

    Whether you love a strong cup of coffee or you are more like a balanced cup person, Coffeeza serves you in every way possible. The coffee inside the pods is from Central and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, which is then roasted with precision in Italy.

    The best part is that these capsules have a fantastic shelf life. They can last up to 18-24 months when stored under proper conditions but you are sure to run out of them before that because they taste that good!

    For some of us starting the day with a perfect cup of coffee is mandatory. If you are one of these people, then investing in a coffee machine is always a good idea. Coffeeza has two coffee machines which can help you get a perfect cup of coffee at home. The Lattisso Coffee Machine for cappuccino and latte, and the Finero Coffee Machine works perfectly for black coffee brews. 

    Luckily enough, these Coffeeza capsules are available online! You can find them on Flipkart, Amazon and Foodhall stores along with their website


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