Hop Over To Coffee & Chai Co. For Breakfast & Lots Of Caffeine

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A quiet cafe in South Point Mall, Coffee & Chai Co. serves a vast variety of tea and coffee, along with great breakfast options and small plates.

Chow Down

Greek Omelette

Sip On

Moroccan Mint Tea

What's On The Menu?

They have a pretty diverse menu, from Mexican-style grilled fish to middle-eastern starters like hummus and pita. They also have a separate all-day breakfast menu, with some great options for gourmet omelettes, and classic pancakes with maple syrup. I tried their Greek omelette and absolutely loved it. It was served with a generous side of hash browns and just the right amount of vegetables. And of course, as the name suggests, they also have a wide range of chai and coffee.

#LBBTip: Their Morrocan mint tea is a must try.

So, We're Saying...

Coffee & Chai Co. is the perfect place to hang out with your friends or colleagues during small business meetings, or even a first date, when you really don’t want to get into the whole “what should I eat?” hassle.

The restaurant, however, has limited seating capacity, and is usually full to the brim during lunch and dinner hours. Customers have to wait a bit before being seated {waiting time is usually 10-15 minutes}, but it’s definitely worth it!