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Experience Coffee Cultures From Around The World Brewing In Your Coffee Mug!

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What Makes It Awesome

Picture this: It’s winter, you’re curling up with your favourite book and a cup of coffee in your hand. Dreamy right? If this wasn’t enough to make you want to get a steaming hot cup of coffee, this awesome local brand will! Brewing a wonderful amalgamation of coffee cultures from around the world, Concept Crafts, aims to bring exotic coffee experiences right to your home. Inspired by the love for travelling, these coffee blends are giving us our dose of #TravelGoals2020!

The blends are super interesting and transport you to the origin of the flavour. The cardamom flavour gives us major Turkish Coffee vibes and the aroma is to die for! The flavourful Winter Spice blend is inspired by the American favourite Pumpkin Spiced Latte. The Dark Chocolate blend is inspired by the Italian Bavareisa from 17th Century Venice, totally making it our go-to choice this winter. Lastly, the Malabar Masala blend, reminiscent of  hills of Kerala - features the aroma of ginger, black pepper and cardamom filling our heart with warm fuzzy feelings.

Coming in instant coffee bags, you can enjoy endless, easy-to-make cups of coffee this winter. Just pour hot water, dunk the coffee bag twice, let it brew for 4-5 minutes and you’re done!  To ensure top-notch quality, they use 100% premium-grade Arabica coffee, and blend the coffee in batches as small as 5kg to seal in the freshness of coffee and spices. The coffee bags are also 100% biodegradable, so it’s great coffee, and good for the planet!


Fellow coffee enthusiasts, so if you want to try all the flavours out before picking a favourite, they have an assorted collection box that contains 2 coffee bags of each variant. Each box has 10 single-serve coffee bags that make 10 cups of delicious coffee.