Espresso Shot Too Bitter For You? You've Gotta Try This

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Some of us love our coffee cold, and the more ice-cream, the better. If you agree {#frappucinos4LYF} you’re probably going to love the Diggin Cold Coffee as much as we do.

Dig In

Apart from being the most Instagrammable cafe ever {seriously, they even have a huge Instagram cut-out you can pose with} Diggin also has great food, including a breakfast menu— and they’re pet-friendly.

When you’re done hogging here, {zucchini fries + bacon chicken legs FTW} try the Diggin Cold Coffee. It’s a shot of espresso, with a scoop of ice cream and crushed oreos thrown in, and it it deelish. We can practically hear coffee snobs turning their noses up, but this ticks all the right boxes.

So, We're Saying

Grab yourself a cup! Also, when at Diggin, don’t forget to pet all the cute doggies who live there. One in particular hogs the swing when he’s sleeping — it’s too cute for words.

Photos: Urvee Modwel/LBB