5 Book Stores {and a Cafe} to Visit for Your Comic Fix

From Superman to Chacha Chaudhary, to even Archies, comics make life more fun and we’re not denying it. Unfortunately, Delhi doesn’t make it easy to get a hold of your favourite ones. We’re giving you a list of our favourite stores for when we need a comic or Manga fix.


They may not have DC and Marvel, but this website is great for literature lovers everywhere. They have the comic book version of classics like Macbeth, Abraham Lincoln, Pride and Prejudice and even Julius Caesar. In addition to this, they have Indian and Greek mythology, and a few kiddie options as well.

Shop online here.

Raja Poket Books

Raj Comics {RC} churns out a bunch of comics in both English and Hindi; you can get your copies of Nagraj, Nagayan, Virat, Fang, Doga and a range of kids’ comics from the Raj Poket Books store in Old Delhi.

Midland Book Shop

Midland is our go-to bookshop for pretty much all our reading needs, from the latest Salman Rushdie, and even for comics. They store an impress variety of comics, from the childhood favourite Archies, to Tintin and Asterix, to the more off-beat Japanese Manga. And the best part? Midland sells their merch at a much lower price {sometimes even upto 20%} as compared to most book stores.

Daryaganj Book Market

This is where you’re likely to find that limited edition Asterix, Batman, Calvin and Hobbes, Superman, and all your other childhood comic fantasies. There is no guarantee of course, and you will really have to hunt, but given the massive amount of both new and second-hand books here, we say there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find what you want.

When: Every Sunday, 10am till late evening


Daryaganj Book Market

4-7, Asaf Ali Road, Chatta Lal Miya, Chandni Mahal, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi


    Om Book Shop

    While the Om Book Shops at the malls don’t store too many comics, the one at Priya complex proves to be more promising. With a great collection including Superman last son of Krypton, Batman year one, Spiderman spider verse, Phantom, and of course Calvin and Hobbes, it’s easy to spend hours in this store.

    What A Comic Show

    If you just want to spend a while going through comics while drinking some lager and devouring some delicious snacks, you can always head to What A Comic Show in SDA. Their comics are not for sale, but there’s nothing stopping you from perching yourself in a chair and spending a few leisurely hours engrossed in the pursuits of your favourite character.

    Casual Dining

    What A Comic Show

    C-21, 2nd Floor, Opp. IIT Main Gate, SDA, New Delhi