We Found The Conditioner Of Our Curly Hair Dreams At Sans[ceuticals]


My long search for sulphate, silicone, and paraben free products came to a successful halt when I discovered Sans[ceuticals], a New Zealand-based luxury hair & skin care line.

Prescription Play

Let’s address the elephant in the room: What’s with the name? So, ‘sans’ in French means ‘without’; extended to the context of this brand, it means ‘sans’ any kind of sulphates, preservatives, chemicals, and harmful ingredients.

The first thing I suggest upon heading to their website is to answer a small series of questions, which upon completion, will give you your own personal prescription with products best suited for you. Fancy shmancy! Curly hair is a blessing, but in all honesty, can be quite high maintenance {there are some hacks around that though}. So I was very eager to try the shampoo and conditioner suggested for me.

Knot Now, Knot Ever

The Nourishing Hair Wash, comprising wheat amino acids and sunflower seed extract, cleans hair with minimum lathering and without stripping hair of its natural oils—a huge plus for dry hair. My hair felt soft post the shampoo itself, and I hadn’t even taken the conditioner out of the box yet. That almost never happens.

Now let’s get to the hero product: The Nourishing Hydrant Ultra+. While I’ve found quite a few shampoos that have worked well for curly hair, conditioners have always fallen short of expectation. Well, not anymore.

This super rich, luxurious formula is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It delivers the right amount of slip to make detangling all those stubborn knots easy-peasy. Not to forget, the hibiscus extract and shea oil infuse intense amounts of hydration to the hair. It smells awesome too.

So We’re Saying…

We’ve made a good case here for the shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, but there are many products for other hair and skin types as well. These products are quite expensive though, so it might be good for an occasional indulgence when your hair and skin is in need some major TLC.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: Ranging between INR 2,195 – INR 3,495 for most products.

Find out more here.