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Indian, Mexican & Cakes: Learn Everything You Need To At These Cooking Classes

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What’s cookin’ good lookin’? If you’re looking for a break from all the heavy butter and ghee-laden food, we say sign up for a cooking class where you’ll learn to cook up some tasty fare, with minimal carbs, fats and sugar. Here are some places to get you started.

CAARA Cafe Cooking Classes

Our favourite CAARA Cafe has just launched The Cookery School at their base kitchen in Saket {near Saket metro station} wherein students can sign up for four informative yet fun courses like – Le Petit Chef {for kids}, Staff Classes, Entertaining at Home and Health & Wellness.  The Health & Wellness course is a series of four classes that’ll help students learn more about detox & superfoods, cook wheat-free, sugar free food with Michelle Kalsi, Founder of Georgia Dakota and also includes a session on cooking with Ayurvedic ingredients, among other things.

Book their upcoming Health & Wellness classes in August here.

Singh Cookery Class

Run by Mrs Rajinder Singh, Singh Cookery classes have a lot of courses on offer. We’re digging their salad classes where you can learn to prepare salads like Channa Salad, Russian Salad, Japanese Fruit Salad, Anarkali Salad and also get a little tutorial on vegetable carving, for the perfect presentation.

Get more details here.

Perfect Cookery

We all love to have our cake and eat it too. But all that gluten isn’t doing anyone any good. Enter Perfect Cookery with their wholewheat baking classes. Learn how to bake a wholewheat Apple Cake, Elaichi Atta Biscuits, wholewheat Brownies, wholewheat Oat Cake and a wholewheat Coffee Cake.

Find more details here.

Jain Hobby Classes

Opt for their Baked Snacks course and they’ll teach you how to do a healthy version of calzones, paneer tikka, soya kebabs, grilled sandwiches and garlic bread. As the name suggests, everything is vegetarian {and without onion and garlic}.

Find more details here.


Tastesutra‘s  programme includes not just healthy cooking classes but also learning more about basic yoga asanas. The holistic health course involves sessions on preparing satvic food that emphasises on healthy living as well as a session on basic yoga information. With all that’s up for grabs, this programme is a great way to finally get started on your resolutions to both practice yoga and eat healthy.

Rupali's Cookery Classes

Rupali holds specific cookery classes for shakes & smoothies, rolls, biryanis, different kinds of cuisines like Thai, Mediterranean and even classes for salads where you can learn how to make Roasted Vegetable Salad, Quinoa salad, Broccoli & Bean salad, to name a few. The fees for one class is INR 1,800 which is not a very high price to pay when it comes to practicing healthy living.