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    Attend These 2 Cooking Workshops In Gurgaon & Dazzle Bae With Your Culinary Skills

    Vatsala posted on 25 July

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Science and Cooking Lab at Gurgaon regularly hosts cooking workshops and they have an exciting week planned. So, dig up your apron and put on your chef’s hat – keep in mind that these particular workshops are for people above the age of 15.

    All The Pasta-bilities

    A two-day pasta-making workshop, called Science of Pasta, focusses on the different types of pasta and why the textures and smoothness vary. On the first day, they will explain the role of each ingredient and techniques – the use of refined flour, understanding gluten, binding agents, kneading, folding and rolling out pasta.

    The second day will be more experimental, in the hope of building enough confidence to be able to make your own pasta at home. The class is completely hands-on and uses understanding proportion in lieu of exacted recipes. Moreover, you get to make these delicious dishes and take them home for your family to enjoy.

    Former Taj Palace cook and owner of Al Dente restaurant, Chef Anjali Ramaswamy will be conducting the workshop

    When: 26 – 27 Jul

    Price: INR 1,200 for 1 day, INR 2,000 for 2 days

    Register here.

    Meat Your Maker

    The Meat Lover’s Bakeshop is meant to encourage you to innovate and experiment with meat. Learn the science behind keeping meats juicy and soft, and how different cooking methods affect the texture and flavour of meat. You will also learn how to use the different cuts of meat, and how to be unafraid to create your own bold flavours and recipes.

    Use different proteins, cook and flavour them in new ways to create mouth-watering dishes to impress at your next party.

    When: Jul 28

    Price: INR 1,500


    So We're Saying...

    Hone your culinary skills, make delicious meals and spend a couple of days picking up a new hobby. You can also register by calling them at +91 96501 29400.


    Register here and check them out on Facebook here.

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