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Cornucopia Turns All Sorts Of Old Clothes Into Rugs, Bedcovers, Cushion Covers & More

Rene posted on 24th January

Ten Second Takeaway

Sisters Manisha and Ayesha have launched a do-good movement that reuses, recycles and work towards a sustainable life. So all the T-shirts, kurtas, dupattas, sarees or anything that’s in your loft can now be artistically transformed.

It All Began At Home

Every once in a while there comes a time when we step back and start to question our life choices {do we really need all the things from the insane Amazon sale?}. For the Desai sisters, it was the mindless consumerism they were surrounded by that pushed them towards thinking that “there’s got to be a more eco-friendly way”.

And with that, they started recycling stuff at their own house, and slowly, friends and family hit them with things they wanted upcycled, like new mums giving them their soft, snug clothes they wanted for a baby quilt. Slowly, the sisters had to expand to accommodate these requests from complete strangers, and that’s when this venture-with-a heart started taking shape.

Loft And Found

It’s a fairly simple process with this brand. You rummage through your cupboard to find sturdy clothes, and they will collect them from your doorstep. The talented army of women the sisters have engaged in Pune, Maharashtra and Gurgaon then work on your discarded clothes to turn them into quilts, cushion covers, bed covers, baby blankets and such.

If you like, you can actively decide what becomes of the heap of tees you gave, or blissfully leave the ideation of the end product to them.

So, We’re Saying…

Cornucopia means nature’s inexhaustible abundance and we believe that there’s a lot of good in sustainable, fair-trade practices. So if you’re ever guilt ridden because of your mounting carbon footprint, feel free to call them for a heartfelt recycling job.

Want to see the baby blankets and patchwork quilts they’ve made so far? Connect with them on Facebook.


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