Two architects, an office, and expansion plans. What started as a personal office a year and a half ago, slowly grew in design, space and aesthetic {must be those architect inklings}, and is now a community; a shared office space making us almost want to make the drive to Noida.

Bare brick walls, earthy tones, beige blinds and chicks, long, wooden shared tables, hammocks, and design accents that can only best be described as detailed, the entire office looks like snapshots from a pinterest board. So far home to 50 people, all a mix of architects, interior designers, a young urban farmer, and tech and other start-ups, Un-Boxed strives to create more of a community, rather than an office, so coming in to work has more meaning. They’re modelled as a plug in and play concept, where save the machine, they’ll provide every other facility. Think Wi-Fi, cafeteria, lounge, printer, scanner, photocopy machine, projector screen, 24/7 professional security, common reception area, conference halls, and of course, your very own work station. And for when you’re not in the mode to work? Kick back in their recreation room, with a Table Tennis table, or literally kick back in the hammock, and then subsequently up your heart beat at their in-house gym.

As for food, snacks, and everything edible, their pantry model is awesome! Besides picking co-workers brains, you’re also allowed to have your pick from the pantry; all they ask is that you leave behind a small donation. Started as an experiment, they’ve found the pantry now self sustains. If you’re worried about space, tables and work stations are shared, but since you’re allowed to use any area, feel free to retreat to the recreation room for some quiet time.

The founders themselves work on the premises, not in the shared space though, but guarantee a daily get together over coffee, tea, and lounging around. How to score a seat you ask? Easy peasy. Just write in to them and express your desires… only the ones that involve working there. They also offer a trial period, since they believe you must like the space you’ll likely spend most of your time in.

Un-Boxed also hosts regular events, so stay tuned on what’s coming up next. As for pricing, they have a regular, flexible and part time package, and also the option of paying per event.

Where: C-15, Sector 65, Noida; Contact: 9911004414

Prices: INR 4999/month for full time {includes unlimited desk time, high speed Wi-Fi, access to conference rooms and the game and gym area}, INR 2999/month for part time {includes 12 day desk time, Wi-Fi, access to conference room, game and gym area}, and INR 1999/2 hrs {event specific, and includes projector and tech support, coffee/tea and access to common area}

For more information on the space and current workers, click here. 

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