Counting Calories? Get Inducted Into The Keto Way Of Life At This Place In G-Town

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Get on the high fat, low carb agenda with new delivery place The Keto Kitchen that promises to help you with your weight loss goals in a delicious and refreshingly different way.

Fat Fights Fat

What’s life without creamy mashed potatoes, or a plate of sinful chhola bhatura? Well- much better apparently, as per the proponents of the Ketogenic diet, that promotes a very low carb intake, and a higher than usual fat and protein intake. This helps in achieving a state of ketosis, which as per studies not only helps in reducing body fat, but also an increase or retention of muscle mass! Out with the bread, sugar and potatoes, and in comes nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables, dairy, meat and healthy fats. Bring on the butter chicken, and the paneer makhani, we say!

A Twist In The Tale

The Keto Kitchen serves the specificities of this diet in fun and original ways. You might miss the carb bit if you were to try this at home, but these guys ensure you can dig into everything from a burger and pizza to noodles and even a biryani! How does that work you might think- but at The Keto Kitchen, noodles are Zoodles {made using zucchini} and the ‘rice’ is in fact shredded cauliflower {which works beautifully IMO- with seasoning, sauces and veggies or chicken}, and the carb in the pizzas and burgers comes through an inventive almond flour! We love the Chef’s Special Green Pizza- loaded with the good stuff, and the Keto Masala Bun Omelette which brought back memories of fun filled college days. The Basil Pesto Chicken Zoodles were divine- we couldn’t believe something so yummy could actually be helping us achieve our diet goals!

The Watch Out

While of course there is a plethora of mains, appetisers and even drinks to choose from, the Keto diet works much better for a meat eater, or at least an egg consumer. Pure veg folks will have a tough time keeping up with it.

So, We're Saying...

The world is embracing the wonders of good fat, and its power to fit fat. Ditch the carb and give this lifestyle a shot with The Keto Kitchen.