Courses for Working Professionals to Take

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We know all too well the limits a working life puts on pursuing studies {or any other interest, for that matter}. Keeping that in mind, here’s us bringing you courses and classes this city has to offer to give all you working professionals the opportunity to make the best of your time.

Part-Time MBA

Fore School of Management

If you’ve been intending to get that MBA degree, but can’t find it in your heart to leave your job yet, you’re in luck. Designed specifically for working professionals, this part-time PGDM course at Fore School of Management lets you get the best of both worlds. Apart from the diploma, they also offer super specialisations like Certification in Six Sigma and Certification in Project Management. Best part? They let you complete this three-year programme over a span of five years, and also take in your request to re-appear for an exam if you’ve missed it due to an inconvenience {like those pesky meetings.}

Fee: INR 4,05, 000 {payable in nine equal instalments}

Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

Working professionals who are time-bound can check out this correspondence management programme. Keep in mind that this will be super-intensive, so your social life may not be as happening as it probably is now. They have three-hour classes on Friday and Saturday evenings, plus seven-hour long sessions on Sundays. Plus, they allow you to complete the three-year programme within five years of joining to make things a little easier.

Fee: INR 1,00, 000 {payable in four instalments}

Film & Photography

Udaan School of Photography

These courses have been designed by professionals in the field who know exactly what they’re doing. If you’re a complete amateur and don’t want to risk investing your time and money in a full-time photography course, you can choose the Basic option.

Fee: Starting at INR 4,250

Barry John Acting Studio

If you’re ready to do some legwork on your off-days {and have a genuine passion for the field}, this school does some great work. The Film Direction Workshop covers all the basics of filmmaking, like editing, camera, lights, sound, and screenwriting, for an overall taste of the filmmaking life. The classes are held over weekends.

Fee: INR 30,000

Creative Writing & English

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication

Whether it’s something as basic as writing your own resume or as big as penning an entire paperback, writing is something that takes constant discipline {believe us, we know}. If you wish to harness this skill, this Creative Writing Course may just be the thing for you. Spread over three months, these interactive classes take place over the weekend and are taught by well-known authors and journalists.

Fee: INR 21,600

British Council

If you’re a pro at the language, you may skip this, but British Council offers a wide selection of English courses to choose from. You can check out the English Executive Course which focuses on English usage in a global workspace, or English Evolution for an overall improvement in oral as well as written English. The classes are usually held over the weekends, or sometimes early morning during the week; you’ll need to take a level test to determine which class suits you best, so we suggest you call and ask for the deets.

Fee: Starting at INR 13,000

Digital Marketing

All India Management Association

The Professional Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing & Analysis covers the basics of marketing and advertising concepts, and goes in-depth into digital marketing and analytical tools such as SEO, SEM, mobile marketing, web analytics etc. Spread over three months, the classes are held online over the weekend, making it super convenient for working people.

Fee: INR 36,000