For Home Decor That Is Cute & Quirky, Shop From Crazy Daisy ASAP!

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What Makes It Awesome

A bright and quaint little shop, Crazy Daisy in Anand Niketan is the perfect home decor store where you can score some rather fetching knick-knacks to add a whimsical touch (or two) to your home. There’s more to this shop than an interesting name. Crazy Daisy’s got a plethora of home decor products like pretty trinket boxes in purple, teals, and yellows, decorative wooden trays, paper-mache dustbins (with 3D cows!), and parrot-framed mirrors.

Of all the many things you can get for your home here, our favourites happened to be their plates and mugs with super fun prints on them. Want a plate with a Moroccan inspired design? They have that. A mug with cute sparrows or fluffy dogs on them? They have that too. Even their plate stands are pretty enough to add an interesting touch to your dining table.

A happy home can’t be all about the looks if your house smells dank, right? Crazy Daisy’s got aroma oils, room sprays, and diffusers in an array of fragrances that you can pick as you please. We sniffed around for a bit and zeroed in on the White Tea, White Mulberry, and Egyptian Cotton as our favourites. They have other scents like Lavender, Eucalyptus, Kaffir Lime, and Lemongrass as well.

And if you’re into tea lights, we suggest you check out their extremely cute tea light stands that come in the form of owls, cows, chairs, and more!