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Crazy Noodles for Quick Chinese & Tumbling Glasses

    Sector 38, Noida


    Uber colourful decor, crazy crockery and a vast menu full of Chinese meal bowls, soups and the regular appetisers {chilli chicken, honey potatoes etc}, Crazy Noodles is an ideal stop for a quick meal on the go.


    Crazy Ramen, Chocolate Money Bags


    Cinnamon Sparkle


    For the games and puzzles they ask each table to solve; they give you a complimentary drink if you manage to solve it

    A glimpse into the menu

    To begin with, can choose from a bunch of soups and salads. Keep in mind that the soup portions are pretty large, and if you want to save room for the food, it might be a good idea to split one into two and share. Follow this up with some dim sums and the Butter Pepper Shrimp/Chicken/Paneer. If you want to keep it simple, get the Sweet Chilli Chicken/Paneer.

    For mains, they’ve got a pretty impressive variety comprising the regular garlic gravies, Chopsuey, Thai curries, noodle bowls and a Crazy Ramen bowl. We wouldn’t say the food here is exceptional, but for spicy Chinese food at reasonable choices, it’s a restaurant that doesn’t disappoint.

    Crazy Noodles doesn’t serve alcohol {deal breaker?} but has a pretty good variety of mocktails, most of them Sprite-based fruity concoctions. We’re partial to the Cinnamon Sparkle {Sprite + cinnamon + lime} and the Green Hornet {cucumber + mint + lime = Sprite}.

    Fun and games

    We’re in love with their glasses which just roll around the table like little drunkards but without spilling even a drop of water.

    Apart from this, they’ve done their bit to make sure you don’t get too bored; they’ve been known to deliver random puzzles to your table {think along the lines of a Rubix cube but not SO time consuming} and if you’re able to solve it {not everyone is}, you get a drink on the house.


      Sector 38, Noida