Gurgaon Gets Crispy, Crunchy Freshness With Rawleaf Salads

We’re too hot to eat. It’s just too hot. Anything that raises our core temperature even by a milli-degree; no thanks, we’ll pass. Our car keys are too hot to physically place in the ignition, our earrings our scalding and our iPhones have started issuing warnings that they are too hot to operate.

In this mad heat, a piping hot lunch? We think we’ll pass.

On just such a day of sub-Saharan weather, we were tempted to try Rawleaf’s ready-to-eat salads {because honestly, we’re too hot to even stand chopping in the kitchen}. Hurrah for, firstly, so many salad options! Just looking at a salad menu with more than 45 combinations makes us feel that salads can be champions in their own right.

Maybe it’s Rawleaf’s own-farm-grown veggies that makes for such crunchy produce; or the fact that they’ve made friends with farmers up in the Himachali hills to help supply what’s not possible in their own backyard. We found the salad leaves quite a refreshing change in themselves, from the often-spotted quickly-wilting options we try to sift past.

Besides the dressings that come in separate packaging to be tossed in right before consuming, we really like the variations of the base. Quinao, kale, avacado, chopped mint, pomegranate, peaches, grapefruit, feta cheese, almonds, beetroot, dill, kimchi, olives and argula – all in varying matches thought up in the kitchen – make for colourful inventions on the plate.

If you’re keen to get in some protein, there’s a reasonable selection to be made from chicken, basa, smoked salmon and shrimp.

Packed neatly in their pre-washed airtight containers, the salad portions are plenty for one. Thorough rinsing, a special fruit and veg wash, oxidizing and a round of drying later, Rawleaf delivers crunchy, healthy meals that are so fresh and so clean.

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Delivery: Same day orders to be placed before 4pm. Delivery available for Gurgaon and some parts of Delhi. No minimum order.

Prices: Basic veg. salads start at INR 200. Non-veg salads start at INR 250 and go up to INR 500 for ingredients like smoked salmon.