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Try And Break Out Of Room #7 At Ctrl.Shift.Esc, Gurgaon


    Ctrl.Shift.Esc {CSE}, the crew behind the real life escape game made popular in Hauz Khas Village, is also in Gurgaon, with two brand-new game themes, and a large, accommodating space.

    The Set-Up

    CSE’s largely modern, industrial basement space almost reminded us of an uber-chic zombie bunker hideout. One wall, painted black, was covered in chalk and post-it notes comprising messages from CSE’s past clients and victims. After a quick offer to use the restroom or drink some water {you’re going to be locked away for an hour, after all}, you’re made to sign an injury waiver and sent on your way.

    The Trap

    Usually a group will book whichever escape room is free {the HKV one has two themes, and so does the Gurgaon one}. After deliberating between the Bates Hotel-themed Room #7 and pirate-themed The Taken Souls, we decided on ol’ Norman Bates {especially after the CSE team told us that’s the toughest game they have}.

    The Escape

    It is surprising how little time it takes to get completely immersed in the game; so much so that when one of our team members received a phone call, he turned it off with disgust.

    With a ton of padlocks hiding secrets, observation-based clues, and innumerable red herrings leading you down the wrong path, it can be a frustrating game, but the feeling one gets when they successfully solve a clue is unbeatable. As we were being watched, Big Brother style, we were given a bunch of clues to help us on our way {we were quite bad}. With a minute remaining, we reached the final door but were sadly unable to open it {hey it’s the toughest game they have!}.


    We came out of that room not sure what day it was, or how long we had been in there. Time seemed simultaneously faster and slower at the same time. Right after the game, team members get to take a joke photo with one another, usually blaming each other for the loss. Our three-man team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it for couples, friend groups, birthday parties and corporate events.