What Is It?

A coffee festival organised by Select CITYWALK where prominent cafes will be preparing their signature brews.

Who Is It For?

For all who have an inherent love for coffee in its coldest form, or for those you who just need a little external help in waking up, and want to do this in the most delicious way possible.

Why Should I Go For It?


Photo courtesy: Select CITYWALK

Because, coffee! Key players including Starbucks, Bonhomia, Depaul’s and Coffee Bean Tea Leaf will be present, whipping up their signatures. There will be organic iced coffees, chocolate-infused iced coffees and of course, lots of scoops of ice cream for good measure.

Anything Else?

We hear our favourite Big Fat Sandwich is partnering. And we’re definitely getting ourselves a Texas Massacre pork sandwich to accompany our tall glasses of coffee.

When: Aug 4 – 5

Where: Central Atrium, Select CITYWALK Mall, Saket

Nearest Metro Station: Malviya Nagar

Contact: +91 9654033869

Featured photo: Pixabay