Baroque’s Bespoke Bags Deserve A Spot In Your Closet

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Launched in 2012 by Deviana Gupta and Sumalini Khullar, Baroque aims to provide every discerning customer with a Bespoke Leather Bag, one that captures the essence of high living and functionality.

Bared to the Details

Baroque specialises in providing customers with the best possible representation of what they love—in leather. From gym bags, travel kits, weekend bags, gadget clutches, briefcases, shoulder bags, and garments bags, to laptop sleeves, jewellery boxes and more, you only have to say the word, to explore an opportunity with Baroque.

Desperately looking for a bespoke piece, one of our crew members tried out Baroque’s customisation services. The final product was a MacBook Air case, which didn’t just look good; those mindful details and small inputs took customisation to a whole new, resourceful level.

Have More, Want More

Having had such a great experience with them, we also went ahead and got in touch regarding a bespoke bag that could accommodate our Moleskines, pens, cheque books, wallets, a book, and other paraphernalia. Days later, we had with us a bag in a funky colour, in a design we’d approved, and with clever details.

They will also create a mock-up for you, and that is probably the best feature, because even at this point, you can request for changes. Specify the number of pockets you need, the kind of handle you prefer and voila!

Loyalty Liaisons

The process might be a tad tedious compared to just showing up at a store and picking up the first interesting bag one finds, but it’s so much more exciting! The price of the bag depends on the material used, and the size.

The duo say that they look at which bag a person carries and how they use it. And this simple exercise is insight enough into a person’s needs. They also have a loyalty programme for long-time customers and we insist that you get on it right away!

Price: INR 1,500 – INR 18,000

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