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Makoba In Greater Kailash For Everything Stationery

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Chennai’s stationery store Makoba has recently set shop in GK. We took a look and found everything from ball point pens starting at INR 40, to fountain pens valued at a few lakhs, to customised leather-bound diaries and laptop bags.

What Makes It Awesome

You can’t miss Makoba; it’s right on the main road outside the GK I M Block Market. Step inside and you’ll be confronted by a mass of white, almost like a clinic.

You’ll see sleek beautiful fountain pens displayed behind glass panels on all sides. Take your time examining these one by one – you can touch and feel {under the supervision of the store manager} and maybe even try your hand at some calligraphy.

You’ll encounter brands such as Cross, Llamy, Davidoff, and Waterman.

The pen room seems to end right where it starts but keep walking and you’ll see a sliding door merging with the wall.

This opens up into another smaller room packed with colourful everyday stationery products: Crayon highlighters, pens, pencils, leather pencil cases, diaries in bright yellow leathers and felts, ball point pens, glue sticks and Makoba’s own leather notebooks, which they can customise as per your preferences.

Their USP, however, is their engravings which they’ll do on literally any product for a flat INR 300.

Our favourite item here has to be the Moleskine notebooks starting at INR 1,200. They also sell online, but the website only has a fraction of the loot they store in their shop.